26th April to 29th April 2018




The GRACIA – ORLOVA 2018 is organized by the Organizing Committee Gracia CEZ-EDE.

The race is organized by the regulations of the International Cycling Union and is registered in category WE 2.2.


Race secretariat:
Organizing committee GRACIA CEZ-EDE

Osvobozeni 877, 735 14 Orlova - Lutyne

Date and place:

of 26th April to 29th April 2018, Orlova

Race director:

Petr Koláček, Osvobození 877, 735 14 Orlová-Lutyně
mobil: +420 724 468 764, e-mail:


Jury president:

Martinez Boadas Jordi, Commissaire International UCI
C/Rafael Casanova, 44, casa 11, Santa Coloma Gramenet, 08921 Barcelona, SPAIN
phone number: 0034 664 378 845, mobile:  0032 495 23 19 85, e-mail:



Ondra Majerčík, Jan Starý, Markéta Jandová, Pavel Raus, Josef Kolegar, Petr Glogar, Jiří Šťastný – MOTO


Race course manager:

Tomáš Hanák

Hornická 665, 735 43 Albrechtice
mobil: +420 603 851 297, e-mail:


Race office:

Dum kultury Orlova, open of 25th April 2018 of 15,00 o´clock to finishing race 29th April 2018.

Issue starting numbers is 25th April 2018 of 17,00 to 20,00 o´clock.


Entry forms:

send you to address Organizing committee, inclusive date of born, UCI code, license number, wish for accommodation and boarding most late to  5th April 2018.

As per UCI regulations, article 2.1.005, the event is open to the following teams: National teams, UCI Women teams, Mixed teams and Regional teams. As per UCI regulations, article 1.2.052, each team must have and show the permission to start in GRACIA-ORLOVÁ that was issued by their National federation. Each participant of race must hold a valid licence for year 2018 and show it on request of the organizer. As per UCI regulations, article 2.2.003, teams must be formed of minimum 4 and maximum 6 riders, who must be of age 18 or more (born 2000 and older). Younger competitors must show written confirmations issued by their national federations, as per article 2.6.004 of the UCI regulations. Each competitor and staff member is obliged to have a valid passport or another identification document. It is necessary to comply with the visa requirements !!!

All competitors and staff are requested to arrive on 25 April 2018. All competitors and staff must have and show health insurance valid in the Czech Republic. Each participant including the staff will pay 70 EUR at presentation.

Accommodation and catering:
Accommodation and catering are provided by the organizer for the maximum of 6 riders and 3 staff members. Other team members take part at their own expenses. The riders and staff will be assigned to particular hotels by the organizer. Accommodation and catering start with dinner on 25 April 2018 and close with lunch on 29th April 2018. The organizer does not provide any special diet.


Race routes:

Stage1 26 April 2018 Road race 104,2 km 13:00 Orlová - Štramberk CZE
Stage 2 27 April 2018 Road race 100,0 km 11:00 Lichnov - Lichnov CZE
Stage 3 28 April 2018 Individual time trial 13,5 km 9:30 Havířov - Ostrava - Havířov CZE
Stage 4 28 April 2018 Road race 65,3 km 15:00 Dětmarovice - Visalaje CZE
Stage 5 29 April 2018 Road race (circuit race) 101,6 km 10:00 Orlová CZE

Total distance is 382,6 km.